AIRE - Make it from love and your heart. Believe in your dreams

Make it from love and your heart. Believe in your dreams. And make it happen to share it with the world.

Today we feel happy. It is the day after the AIRE Festival and we are very tired, exhausted, but full of joy and enthusiasm. Do you know that wonderful sensation of satisfaction when you do something amazing? Exactly like that. 

We arrived in Huanchaco after the day we moved out from our apartment in Lima. We took a night bus and the in the morning we were in the north of Trujillo. Ready to work to create a space for our Nûna Moves event. 

Huanchaco was the perfect location; small, close to a city and the hometown of my friend, Jussupa.

We involved our friend Franco as well in the team when we met him in Lima. We thought that us together with him and Jussupa had a very good balance of energy team to create something beautiful, successful and fun like a Festival. 

And so it happened.  We all first met in Lima. Jussupa taking a 10 hour bus ride there and back just to have a few days to meet all together! We decided how the dynamics of the roles and our tasks would be to make a free festival. WE MADE IT!!

 Yesterday, 5th of March, lots of people from different places in Peru (from Ica to Iquitos and Lima) and others countries gathered at AIRE.

 It was simply amazing seeing so many people coming to share with love the same passions, movement philosophy and getting inspired from each others.

It felt so good, it makes me feel so good. Sharing all this. Making it happen for the community and for the love of sharing. Because movement is for everyone. We strongly believe that practicing in a group, discovering different and new disciplines, meeting different communities, inspires people in their life. It simply makes everyone feel better and it change people's view and often their lives.

Some times ago I watched a very nice TED Youth talk called. "To find work you love, don't follow your passion" The title surprised me. I was not really sure if I could totally agree with this. So, very curious, I just watched it... At the end that young boy really touched my heart. It is true. If you want to be happy in life, just do something for others, something useful for the society you live in. It will fill up your heart.

AIRE simply confirmed it. AIRE was and is made from the heart with the aim of making movement available to everyone. Letting people know what are the possibilities of exploring movement in a community.

You know what? My day is different now and probably my life. I had no idea something like this could exist.
— AIRE participant

Even only one day of festival can change people's life. One participant at the end of the Festival came to me and told "You know what? My day is different now and probably my life. I had no idea something like this could exist. If my cousin didn't invite me I probably would have never know about all these nice practices and the communities. I would have probably spent my whole in front of my computer on Internet. Thank you."

And thank you dear friend for coming.  Gracias a TI.

AIRE Team. All together!

AIRE Team. All together!