Where we've been, where we're going!

Many people have asked us... where are you?! What are you doing now? How is your project going? Well, we're HAPPY! We've had some practical challenges - but so many beautiful experiences - challenges for example with creating videos, but hope to make a last one before returning home. 

Nûna Moves is now in Cusco, Peru - high in the mountains! Our last (and big) project was the movement festival, AIRE, in Huanchaco, north of Lima. 

We have been through many experiences, met so many amazing people that we could never list them all. And we have done our best to share our skills, our passions with whomever we have met. Like we set out to do. Like we had so much support to do. 

It's been challenging also. We almost never stop working. On our project and on sustaining ourselves. Yes, it's necessary and it might be another blog post - working from afar. 

In Cusco a new chapter has started. We're finally calming down a bit. Kasper has been working from Raquel's computer since his own broke down in Lima (which is why we haven't done videos for a while..). Some calm to plan the last steps of Nûna Moves. 

We're still hoping for a project in Bolivia and we'll keep you posted on this. For sure we'll go to Salvador in Brazil, where Raquel will volunteer as an art restorer in a museum of ancient arts. Our last step before returning... home. A word that's maybe been expanded a little bit after this journey. 

Lots of love for all.