Buena onda in Oaxaca

This last month has been very intense for Nûna Moves; especially with the amount of work we had and the very little time. It might seem a joke but being travelers is a full time job; finding the right place to stay, relax and sleep well, find budget food for every meal, movement practice and get contacts, make Nûna Moves happen and connect with people. The biggest job is sometimes to find a decent internet in the city and start the day again. Yes, I must admit that lots of the things I thought about doing were not always possible, lots of inconveniences and lots of surprises. But no worries Nûna Moves happened many times.

Monte Alban Ruins in Oaxaca

Arriving in Oaxaca after mexico City was a total liberation; we finally felt it was the right place to spend some days in calm and connect with locals.

We arrived in Oaxaca late in the night, but Oaxaca was already celebrating Xmas with fireworks and music in the streets the whole night. It felt like the city was welcoming us warmly, it felt good. In those days we were still doing our Xmas calendar, we had fun every day, but a big challenge sometimes when were tired and with the time difference to Europe - we never cheated and every day we took one!

Noche de Rabanos

Noche de Rabanos

In just a few days we connected with few yoga studio and continued our practice there. In one of the classes we met Marisa, a lovely Mexican yoga teacher. She guided a very nice yoga class and we played acroyoga with her in the morning. We easily connected with her and soon we decided to support her and her work, using her space for a nuna moves acroyoga class just before Xmas; also Kasper made a photo shoot for her start-up yoga studio. The workshop was a really a nice success and even a mum with 2 kids came to practice.

After finishing the class we ate a delicious tlayuda and we went to the traditional "Noche de los Rabanos" with MarIsa. 

MarIsa is a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist, very well prepared and sensitive person. Her skills impressed us very much, she has a wonderful voice and her classes are guided with ancient maya songs and mantras. She, like many local yoga teachers, have their struggle to find their balance into the (unfortunately) competitive work of the yoga business.

Many studios in Mexico are now hiring lots of foreigners that come to work only for the season. This is actually a problem in many places here; the Mexicans sometimes have less opportunities, paradoxically. I open this parenthesis to put out a few questions about what we saw under our eyes and to explain our big support for her. She opened her arms to us and gave an opportunity to Nûna Moves and we wanted to empower her how we could. 


As we spent a nice Xmas Eve our calendar also finished with a big piñata and a nice, we admit, Italian dinner. We loved the celebrations of Xmas in Oaxaca, traditional music and dances, the whole night with wonderful colors and costumes. Oaxaca in surrounded by mountains and inside it is full of life, its culture is full of vitality, the people are kind and open and it made us want to stay longer.

Con buena vibra from the class and love we left in the direction of Chiapas, happy to have given a few gifts here and there to some heartful people.