Azulik Acroyoga + Thai massage workshop in Tulum (video + photos)

In Tulum we met the local acroyoga, Dani, who moved to here from Argentina to work. When talking with her about our project, she immediately wanted to support it and she went back and had a talk with the people who owns her workplace, the Azulik hotel by the beach. They liked the idea to make a free workshop and offered that we could use their huge and amazingly beautiful geodesic dome - build entirely in wood and with intricate patterns. 

We talked with our friend Ivan Medici and asked if he would like to contribute and he said yes to do a thai-massage part at the end of the workshop. Before entering the dome we did all did a small cleansing ritual and even had to walk through water with our shoes off to enter. 

27 people showed up - pretty much all ages and many nationalities and with very different background. We had a very beautiful experience with both absolute beginners and a few who were more practiced. Ivan did a wonderful thai-session to round everything off in a soft way and we were so happy that many came to us and asked if we would do more workshops. Even some people came and invited us to their homes in different countries. Wonderful!