So far so good - projects done

Dear everybody - A HUGE THANK YOU for your support! we're so overwhelmed and happy for your help! Not only did we get economic support to get out to people, but also so much on the emotional front, giving us great motivation! 

We are now in Mexico City, having a break after being sick 4 days in the small village of Xico, Veracruz. We went to help with a project creating a center for street children, teaching them acrobatics. They were making a festival to raise money for the house and we helped build and prepare everything. Unfortunately we also caught a really back stomach infection! But that's over now after some tough days and we're planning next steps for the project and where to share our skills next. 

Preparing the 'Casa de Piedra' for the weekend's acroyoga-festival!

Preparing the 'Casa de Piedra' for the weekend's acroyoga-festival!

In Tulum on the Mexican east coast, we did the following sharing: 

1) A free Acroyoga + thai-massage workshop for 27 people in the Azulik geodesic dome. We got to use their incredible space - a geodesic dome build in natural materials. We also invited our friend, Ivan Medici, to share his thai-massage skills and help him with promotion on his journey. 

2) Acroyoga private for local acroyogi, Dani, and her friends, who we met in Tulum. We taught what we could of our skills and gave advice and support on how to start a community in the town. 

3) Photography for the small family of Maria, Hernan and small Emiliano in Tulum - he quit his stressful job and now works in a local vegetarian restaurant and they rent their small extra family apartment to make things work - we took professional photos for their promotion.

4) Photography for Naturalmente Tulum - we met the wonderful young guy, Elias, who has started a beautiful small shop with local products and wanted to support him with photos for promotion, since his place was really beautiful but tucked a bit away in the back-streets.

We will keep you updated when our plans for next steps are ready! Working hard on all of it!