The Story of Nûna

What is Nûna?

Nûna was born in 2015 from a shared desire to create from the heart and spread what we find beautiful. Nûna is a new kind of lifestyle, a concept that combines creativity, green ideas and thoughts and the beauty of simplicity. 

The name Nûna comes from the ancient South American language of Quechua and means soul, spirit, conciousness [S. alma; espíritu; conciencia; espiritu; ánimo]

Where does Nûna come from?

The first idea came from the desire to really work with what we love and feel passionate about. Making a work of our hobbies and combine all of these in our everyday life.

Who is Nûna for?

It is an invitation for creative souls to connect and share their abilities and talents with the world - creating what we each find beautiful within arts, handicrafts and movement.

Our vision is to create a commuinty of people around the globe who wants to collaborate, who maybe never had the opportunity to share their skills. 

Our goal is to realize these dreams with a network that makes this possible together.