What we loved in India

- by Raquel Koya Mapelli

The spring has started and Kasper and I just came back home after traveling 2 months in India. Many people told us the travel in India would be an important experience in our lives, but none of our friends could actually explain us in words why and how. After 4 days home, my heart is still fast beating, excitedly remembering every single moment of this trip... I have goosebumps! 

We'll tell you now why we loved this amazing trip:

  • Ashiyana Yoga Village is an amazing paradise that you have to visit once in life
  • Lizards exists everywhere and after a while they just become friends and essential travel mates
  • It doesn't really matter...but you will never understand Indians... "yes or no or maybe" ...just avoid questions that imply those answers... we love them! 
Acroyoga at Barefoot College

Acroyoga at Barefoot College

  • Ayurvedic massages, the best solution for any pain and anything you can imagine
  • The crabs making special patterns on the sands of Mandrem Beach
  • Being in a crazy high-speed car chase through narrow streets full of pedestrians in Mumbai on the day you arrive in India for the first time...!
  • The amazing perfumes of Frangipan flowers in Avalon Inn garden that I wore every weekend
  • Lovely souls we met during our Yoga Teacher Training in Ashiyana
  • The food of Ashiyana from that amazing cooking team from Nepal
  • The Garden of Dreams in Arambol, a sweet coffee shop and restaurant, which Kasper and I used as a refuge of peace to work on Nûna and start the project.
The auto rickshaw of Rajak

The auto rickshaw of Rajak

  • Chocolate balls at Ashiyana, you try one, you enjoy the second, you feel for the third and you want more (Akilesh suggests not more than three)
  • Tandoori naan...it's just like pizza doesn't need any further introduction...
  • The gardener of Ashiyana, an open book, he can tell you everything about the doors of the shalas...
  • Cafe Nu, a food experience, every single bite is perfectly designed to elevate your taste buds to unknown levels
  • The patience experience: after a yoga teacher training you think that you elevated your consciousness to the next level and your calm and patience will accompany you harmoniously during your trip until you go to a big textile market... you suddenly transform yourself in the best bargaining merchant in the story of textile, no compromises, only best price...at the end you find yourself bargaining for 0,50 cents after having completely forgotten the equivalent in euros...
  • Rooh afza analcoholic drink, one of the most crazy beverages we've ever tried, it literally tastes like incense!
Acroyoga at Taj Mahal - not an everyday experience!

Acroyoga at Taj Mahal - not an everyday experience!

  • Waking up with the mantra music from the temples in the early morning, when you come back in Europe you realize it's a better alarm than your phone
  • Fresh petals and flowers for temple,s for yoga shalas, for the house...everywhere!
  • Feeling as a first lady or a very famous actor everywhere, anytime.. .apparently Kasper looks like a very famous star or Jesus, hundreds of photos have been taken of him in the streets, restaurants, monuments, anywhere...some people even asked him to touch their kids to bless them...crazy experiences!


  • Singing in front of the ocean with Kasper and his ukulele
  • Camels and elephants on the highway... in India there is space for everyone!
  • Yoga every day + coconut water + healthy food + meditation + peace = I have never seen myself so happy
  • Taj Mahal and being stopped by the police for doing an acroyoga picture
The incredibly delicious food at Ashiyana Yoga Village

The incredibly delicious food at Ashiyana Yoga Village

  • Chai Tea is like espresso, any time is perfect for a chai break
  • The evolution of "we love Indian food!" to "is there any Italian/fusion restaurant?"
  • Walking barefoot and eating by hands...it tastes different!
  • Holy cows everywhere...so sweet! until Kasper has been attacked by one!
  • Playing acroyoga in the beautiful jasmine garden of Madhuban Hotel
  • Dancing Pizzica and Taranta the whole night at Bar Palladio in Jaipur
  • Getting a portrait done in the street by Mr Tikam Chand using his grandfather's 150 years camera
  • Having lunch at Indian Coffee House of Jaipur, an Indian coffee workers cooperative society of the 50's
Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House

  • Watching a Bollywod movie at Raj Mandir with our rickshaw driver Rajak, a real Indian experience!
  • Visiting the amazing project of Barefoot College in Tilonia, a touching sustainable reality run by Indians. their Mamas Solar Project, hundreds of women all over the world are invited to learn about solar panels. Lawrence told us everything he knew about it, the best guide ever!