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Kizette...a new type of lifestyle that blends together the flair and grace of Parisian women of the XX century...
Sleeping girl - Tamara De Lempicka    

Sleeping girl - Tamara De Lempicka


Kizette was born in a beautiful period of my life where creativity, amazing friends and travels met in an explosion of inspirations.

Kizette was the daughter of the Art Déco painter Tamara De Lempicka, I love her name, it reminds me of those "années folles" in Paris where the taste of details and the continual research of aesthetics and elegance was a real lifestyle. Kizette is the daughter of the Belle Epoque, born between paillettes, lace and paintings; the main character in Tamara's portraits that leaves you enraptured by her eyes and meticulously painted blond curls.

Kizette now represents a new type of lifestyle that blends together the flair and grace of Parisian women of the XX century with a new kind of slow fashion that believes in handicrafts, where uniqueness and the passion of the material meet to Create.

Kizette is based on the simple idea of reusing old materials that already had a story and combining them with new or different ones, variety and poly-materials are the key words in all my works in fact.

Kizette connects with the idea of recycling and upcycling to continue giving a new life to materials and create beautiful accessories.


"The light was clear and bright, it woke me up that August morning. I felt like wearing a nice green dress. He prepared our breakfast. And I thought about my mum's gift. She is a sophisticated woman, very coquette and she loves wearing her South-American warmth in her single accessories. She is beautiful and she deserved a nice present.
He came with two cups of coffee and some birch branches - "we should do something with those, they're still alive".
I took a sip from the cup and I thought about how to recycle those beautiful branches already cut.
The sun was high and the small lake was calm and peaceful. My ideas were dancing in circles around those natural, intricate pattern of the wood. I decided that that wood might have a second story to tell.

The wood was lying on the grass. After a few hours it became a necklace for my mum."

Raquel Koya