empower women

I teach women how to use movement and rituals as a daily practice for a healthier mind, body and spirit

Can't find time for
healthy routines?

Do you ever feel stuck in wheel of routines that don't make your soul shine?

Finding time for daily rituals and self-love is a matter of priority. One of the most difficult tasks for us women is to actually create that sacred space in our busy world of multitasking. Creating healthy daily rituals and routines has been the most enriching and fulfilling  journey for me, and I want to share my knowledge with you.

Let me guide you now on your journey.


Pernille Koch / Teacher

"You helped me then to heal myself through loving my body and building my strength.
But the way you guided me through our first talk had a spiritual take to it, that made me understand the picture better and connect to my task in a  holistic way.


It made sense to me and gave me stronger energy and purpose. Your spirit work with love and care, and that was soothing for me in my situation. I got through a rough time with you as my gentle guide. I thank you for that.”

Ilaria Bozzi / Art historian and curator

"I loved and enjoyed so much this session of yoga focused on renforcing your core balance.
Raquel is very talented, she is precise, clear and tender when explaining the movements. I felt very peaceful during and after this session that I will continue especially in this difficult moment of quarantine. Thanks Raquel! Namaste"

I offer 3 types of programs



Create healthy habits and a movement practice in 1 month

Do you find it hard to keep consistent in your healthy habits? In this 1 month program for women, Raquel will help you create:

  • Overview of your current situation

  • Personal development (journaling, vision board, gratitude practices, sacred rituals and ceremonies)

  • Lasting, daily movement (yoga, functional training, acro training, PBT) and meditation routines

  • Breathwork and relaxation techniques

  • Finding time for new rituals and how to create accountable and lasting habit​

photo_2020-05-25 16.14.46.jpeg


A space to re-discover the meaning of celebrating the Earth, the Moon and ourselves

"Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up"- Brene Brown


A women's circle offers empowering connection, community, and refuge of trust and love. 


Raquel has held women's circles on Bornholm since 2018, a space for inviting the authentic self, a space to share your story. Meditation, yoga and Andean traditions are the tools that I use to create a safe space and to lead the process of opening up. Do you want to have a women's circle organised for your special event?

photo_2020-05-25 16.29.55.jpeg


Stay active during pregnancy, and prepare your body for childbirth and postpartum recovery

Pregnancy is a transformative milestone in your life and you want to remember it as a precious time.


It can also be an overwhelming experience if you don't feel connected with your body, your baby and your mind. Raquel will help you to find that connection and to feel stronger in your softness of this special time.

She is a certified Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Mentor by Jennifer More and she will be honoured to guide you through this transformational process (Prepartum and Postpartum).

How do I get started?

Please feel free to write me about the programs or with any questions you might have:

Message me about the content of my coaching programs and 1:1 customised movement classes and I'll answer quickly.

Women everywhere are awakening to their power


“According to Ancient Andean Prophecy, the day will come when the female spirit will awaken from the long sleep and fight to erase hatred and destruction from current civilisation and give rise to a society of rhythm, harmony and brotherhood in the future."

Hernán Huarache Mamani


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I'll take you step by step through your journey

I am Raquel Koya, a creative, enthusiastic visionary and never-ending dreamer. I often tend to believe that if you want it, everything (or almost) is possible. I believe in the power of womanhood and sisterhood. Together we heal, go deep, do our work and we can choose to live with purpose and integrity.

I help women discover their own personal path to freedom.

I encourage authenticity before perfection, empathy before judgement, and self-confidence before doubt.


My mission is to bring women together to find their power to heal and be a better version of themselves - reconnecting with the cosmic energy between body, mind and spirit 



Raquel Koya Mapelli is a creative movement explorer. She believes in the power of connection and movement rituals as a healing practice in life. She holds self-development spaces for women such as sister's circles, movement sessions and 1.1 coaching towards creating healthy daily habits. Raquel has been teaching yoga since 2015 and draws from numerous movement practices such as yoga (Vinyasa Hatha Flow), Acroyoga and partner acrobatics, free form dance and ballet. She is also specialised in prenatal and postpartum yoga, Raquel believes in the powerful connection body-mind-spirit as a powerful practice for pregnancy and as journey towards motherhood.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher - Ashiyana, India 2016

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher - Jennifer More TT 2017

  • Certified Progressing Ballet Technique teacher (PBT)- 2018

  • 6 years of yoga teaching experience

  • 7 years of acroyoga teaching experience

  • 2 years of experience with holding women's circles

  • Mentor at Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer More - 2021