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Raquel Koya Mapelli

'm Raquel Koya a creative, enthusiastic visionary and never-ending dreamer. I often tend to believe that if you really want it, everything is possible. I am Italian-Peruvian and currently living in a small Danish island in the Baltic Sea where, 3 years ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Anouk Munay and married my husband, Kasper. After years of traveling, I decided to live in close contact with nature and in a slow pace environment.


My creative process started at an early age when I started gymnastics and dancing and so learning about movement and self-expression and how amazing it was. I was one of those children that would walk tip-toeing for hours, experiencing the extreme possibilities of the balance of my toes. Any time was perfect to move and explore. While I wasn't dancing, my head often was in the clouds and my mind would 

 spin in parallel worlds of fantasy and incredible imaginations. That's when I started journaling, drawing and writing stories, practices that still accompany my everyday life.


One of the biggest questions in my life has always been "How do I reconnect with my roots? And how can the past knowledge of my ancestors enrich my life?" So I decided to study Art Conservation and Restoration and in 2012 I graduated from the Painting Restoration Academy of Botticino to better understand the Italian Art patrimonies. Restoration taught me patience, determination, meticulousness and the sense of discovery. It guided me beyond the history of a canvas to a dimension of pure philosophy and anthropology. A journey that I’ve always been grateful for.


The time dedicated to dancing though, was still too little for me. So in 2014 I moved to Paris and fully dived into the world of art and dance. Different doors opened up for me and finally, I started to dance almost full-time. My practice at that time was very much influenced by yoga and conscious movement. The next steps in the discovery of movement were all natural: pure yoga, meditation, acroyoga, and acrobatics. I soon started sharing my knowledge, finally putting together the pieces of my puzzle since my childhood. All were part of a deeper process of self-knowledge. In the meantime, I kept learning with the best teachers in the world and kept developing myself. In 2017 I became pregnant with Anouk and my determination to deep researching about conscious birth, post-partum and motherhood brought me to a whole new level: for the first time I was really connected with spirituality.


Since 2015 I’ve been the co-partner in Nûna, a project of movement and arts, supporting a creative lifestyle. I share my knowledge through workshops, retreats and private classes and in acroyoga, yoga, prenatal yoga, handicrafts and art restoration in Denmark, Italy, and Perú. In 2016 I co-founded the acroyoga festival Wonderland Acro Play Festival that happened 4 years consecutively in Italy. In 2017 I also co-created the project of AIRE festival, a non-profit yearly festival for local movement communities in Peru.


And finally in 2018 I started holding women’s circles on the island of Bornholm; a sisterhood space that offers empowering connection, community, and refuge of trust and love. Meditation, yoga and Andean traditions are the tools that I use to create a safe space and to lead the process of opening up. An incredible opportunity for learning and guiding that changed my life.


Andean philosophy is also a chapter just at the beginning of a deeper research that connects lots of mysteries of my life and brings me into a deeper connection with nature and spirituality and the roots of my family. It gives deep meaning to my personal mission to live a life full of purpose, compassion, love and adventures.


My ultimate dream? Is to be able to fully honor my ancestors lineage by keeping their traditions respectfully bright and alive. And of course also to be able to tell at least half of my grandfather’s stories to my future grandchildren.


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